Current cross-border cooperation with Ukraine has contributed to improving the various areas of economic and social life of the population. On the other hand, however, the flow of information that would attract more tourists and visitors or entrepreneurs across the border is still insufficient. This is also due to the lack of functionally sustainable networks, contacts and a supportive environment between the different actors of the two countries. The activities of running projects often arise and disappear together with the projects. Apart from the sporadic distribution of project outputs, the flow of information on economic, social and cultural life on the other hand is inadequate.

The ANTIC project intends to establish a reliable, three-pillar information portal that will present and disseminate various information about the economic, social and cultural life of a cross-border partner in a systematic and sustainable way. The project's information portal can function as a user-friendly, interactive (multilingual) tool that provides newsletters, articles, e-media and video clips on past, present and future cross-border projects, offers of operators and service providers in tourism, events, stories and fairy tales. Additionally, the project will offer radio and TV broadcasts, disseminated through the media in a partner country, as well as enable their download in a usable format via the portal. The project will also provide cultural and tourist information based on stories (photography, literature and art). Because stories are the most effective marketing tool for tourism (spreading from person to person), we expect the project to have a significant promotional effect for particularly family tourism. The portal also allows "reading" of QR codes deployed in selected destinations of 3 countries and will allow the "stories" of the visited places to be distributed in 5 languages ​​(SK, UA, HU, EN and NO). The project builds on previous cross-border projects (MEDIAVEL and the Carpathian Tourist Route) and can build lasting partnerships and a functional information network between the various actors who have not previously participated in cross-border cooperation projects. The project also focuses on local as well as cross-border cooperation and will test the proposed best solutions before it closes and will thus make a significant contribution to sustaining its results.

Projekt je založený na 3 pilieroch “informačného toku”

Media pillar

Information on cultural events, life, attractions and local travel offered by participating media

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Tourism pillar

Information about a tourist offer based on narratives and shared historical heritage using QR codes.

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Project pillar

Information on development opportunities and cross-border projects

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Cooperation with common values
Slovakia – Ukraine: Cooperation across the Border

ANTIC – Advanced Networking through International Co-operation

ALMA – Center of revival and conservation of folk heritage and traditions of Gemer

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