Festival of Wedding Traditions

On 27.082016, from 13.00 to 19.00, the Festival of Wedding Traditions was held in Jablonov nad Turňou in the Granary.

The event was attended by partners from ASEZ Uzhhorod, OZ  World of minorities  and Legend Foto. The project partner ASEZ  organized a performance  ( Nedotepa Iz Vertepa ) – a puppet theatrical show about the wedding. The  World  of minorities has been filming the festival for and produced a short video clip from the event.  Images from the event you can find here :

Festival of Wedding Traditions Newsletter

The Krasko Snail Day

On 28.05.2016, from 14.00 to 19.00, there was an event for families with children in Jablonov nad Turňou in Granary.

The Krasko Snail Day was introduced by Snail Krasko and Jaskynkar Mascots. The participating children have tried their skills in the creative workshop and adults have tasted regional products, excellent local and regional food and were dancing during the event.
The volunteers of the OZ Alma Center were dressed in costumes purchased  within the ANTIC project and gave children refreshments and mineral water.

Krasko Snail Day Newsletter