Media pillar

Information on cultural events, life, attractions and local travel offered by participating media

The media pillar will provide two tools: an electronic (3-language) newsletter that will inform registered users about cultural life, attractions, thematic trips, events of 3 countries. The project partners will build an effective system of creating articles, collecting data and images, processing and disseminating them in order to publish the electronic newsletter accordingly. The second tool will be a system that allows access to recorded radio and television sets throughout the life of the project. It will be linked to the project pillar and will allow you to access files uploaded for individual past and present projects. The pillar will also inform about broadcasting times of on-line radio and TV broadcasting, as well as about the previous broadcast in the project newsletter. The scenario, content and topics of each broadcast will be developed by project partners for each medium. The TV and radio broadcasts will be exchanged between the countries.