Tourism pillar

Information about a tourist offer based on narratives and shared historical heritage using QR codes.

The tourism pillar will be based on the existing best practices of 3 countries in the field of “story telling “, in the form of fairy tales, and family tourism packages. Project partners will collect all valuable practices, initiatives in their country. The most suitable, transferable experience will be presented in the seminars, explained and then implemented. A system of information mediation is being developed in three selected rural / urban areas that will allow visitors to get audio information about the story and the history of the site. Audio files of kinder stories will be available on the portal pillars (downloadable multilingual MP3s). At the same time, a system of exchange and shared marketing of family tourism products (fairy tales) will be built. Family tour operators will participate in study trips and visits to local events. Together they will process and publish joint publications “Carpathian and Nordic Stories” based on shared historical events and stories, cultural heritage and craftsmanship.